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COMPLETE Skin Cancer Detection Program

At Complete Skin Cancer Clinics, your skin health and total wellbeing is at the forefront of what we do. Our team have dedicated their lives to skin and the treatment, management and eradication of Melanoma. Our Mission Statement is “To provide thorough and innovative care for our community with early detection, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer”.


That is why within our clinics, we have a purpose-built early Melanoma detection program for new patients that enables our nurses and doctors to give the most comprehensive and ‘complete’ service when it comes to early skin cancer detection.


All new patients begin their skin cancer detection management program with a Complete Mole Map. A Complete Mole Map is total body photography of the patient. This ‘best in practice’ program ensures every single patient has the all-important ‘baseline’ record of their entire body landscape giving our nurses and doctors all the important data and information to monitor any abnormalities or growth of every single mole on a patient’s body.


It is our recommendation that you should have a Complete Mole Map every twelve months. Each time we recall past images (our patients baseline) and our data and AI technology allows us to monitor and identify suspicious abnormalities that may require immediate attention.


During the 12 months, patients of Complete Skin Cancer Clinics can have a Complete Skin Check and or access to the Complete treatment solutions provided we have a that all important ‘baseline’ to constantly refer to.

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