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COMPLETE Skin Checks

At COMPLETE Skin Cancer Clinics, we offer a comprehensive skin check that combines
advanced technology and the expertise of our highly trained medical professionals. Our skin
check process involves three steps to ensure thorough examination and accurate diagnosis.

Step 1: Automated Total Body Photography
We use the Fotofinder system, which is the most advanced melanoma detection technology
in Australia. This system captures high-resolution images of your entire body to provide a
baseline for future comparisons. It helps in early skin cancer detection and monitoring skin
conditions over time.

Step 2: Systematic Physical Total Body Check
After the automated photography, one of our experienced melanographers or nurses
trained in dermoscopy will perform a systematic physical examination of your skin. They use
a handheld dermatoscope, a specialized tool that allows for detailed visualization of skin
structures. This step helps in identifying any suspicious lesions or abnormalities.
Step 3: Doctor Consultation

Following the physical examination and total body photography, a doctor may evaluate the
photographs and dermoscopy images, provide a diagnosis, and recommend an appropriate
treatment program based on the COMPLETE skin check results. This entire process,
including the doctor consultation, is completed in the same appointment for your

Based on the findings of the skin check, we may recommend further procedures such as
biopsies, cryotherapy, topical treatments like Efudix/PDT, or excisions. Some treatments can
be performed during the skin check appointment, while more complex procedures like
excisions and biopsies may require booking a separate appointment in our nursing or
theater slots.

During the skin check, we recommend patients to undress down to their underwear,
although gowns are available if you prefer. It is important to remove makeup, fake tan, and
nail polish to allow our team to examine your skin thoroughly. If you have any specific skin
cancer concerns, please inform the nurse or doctor before the skin check.
A COMPLETE skin check usually takes around 50 minutes, but the duration may vary
depending on your skin type and condition.

You do not need a GP referral to book a COMPLETE skin check. You can contact us by
phone or visit our clinic to schedule an appointment. Our receptionists are friendly and
ready to assist you.

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