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COMPLETE Treatment Solutions

Different treatments are available depending on the condition or skin cancer that you have been diagnosed with.

Solar keratoses are pre-cancerous lesions and are often treated simply with liquid nitrogen at the time of the appointment, but sometimes we recommend field treatment with a gel or cream treatment, if the lesions are widespread. The COMPLETE team will advise you of this at the time of your appointment.

Some early skin cancers may be suitable for non- surgical treatments such as Efudix or Aldara. These are creams which would need to be applied for a few weeks and would produce redness & crusting (as a normal consequence of their action) while the cream is being applied. These are less invasive than surgical procedures and may scar less but may also involve a slightly lower rate of cure.

Excision, or cutting the skin cancers out, is usually the most effective way of treating skin cancers. It is a more invasive method of treatment and hence may involve a scar.

In difficult areas, it sometimes also involves a flap or a graft to close the defect which is produced after the skin cancer is removed. This may mean a more curved or visible scar but this is sometimes inevitable if the skin cancer is more aggressive or in a difficult location. You will be advised in more detail if your care involves a flap or graft, as each case is different.

At COMPLETE Skin Cancer Clinics we also perform minor procedures such as removing non-cancerous lumps and bumps, for example sebaceous cysts and lipomas.

Surgical procedures are done under local anaesthetic and hence do not require an overnight stay.

We do however recommend that someone brings you to the appointment and takes you home after the procedure, especially if you are prone to feeling faint after procedures, or if you are not used to having procedures.

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